Corona Virus Situation

Please see here.

Students services now in Moodle

From now on, the study office FB11 – Geo is also represented on Moodle, in the form of an English language version for students of the TropHEE course. We hope that this will foster communication and information flow between the institute and you, and will enhance and simplify some of the administrative processes that are currently difficult to follow under the pandemic situation.

Please register for the Moodle course now! In return, some information pages on the TropHEE website will gradually disappear, such as “News” and “Downloads”. For this you will find extensive information in the Moodle course e.g. via an FAQ glossary, downloads of forms and templates, a range of thesis topics, and the option to submit certificates, exam registrations, etc. online!

Current news for registered students will not be posted here any more! For programme-internal news please visit the Moodle course.

K.E. Roehl, 04.06.2020.