Exam dates

Module/course Date Time Room Registration
GIS II (Lehné, Simons) – New date! 29.01.2020 15:45-18:00 B2|02 /30 21.01.2020
Hydrogeology I (Schüth, Michelsen) 03.02.2020 09:30-11:00 B2|02 /12 26.01.2020
Geological Methods (Schiedek) 05.02.2020 14:00-15:00 B2|02 /30 28.01.2020
Physical Hydrogeology (Schiedek) 07.02.2020 12:00-13:00 B2|02 /30 30.01.2020
Hydrochemistry (Schüth) 11.02.2020 12:00-13:30 B2|01 /147 (lecture hall) 03.02.2020
Practical Mineralogy and Petrology (Nguyen, Ferreiro Mählmann) – New time, new room! 17.02.2020 12:30-13:30 B2|01 /147 (lecture hall) 09.02.2020
Water Treatment (Schüth) 17.02.2020 11:00-12:00 B2|01 /147 (lecture hall) 09.02.2020
Integrated Water Resources Management (Hack) – New date,
due to Water Supply oral exams
on 13./14.
21.02.2020 11:00-12:00 B2|01 /147 (lecture hall) 13.02.2020

Registration is currently open in TUCaN for the exams listed above. Registration period for all exams is November 15th to December 15th, except for exams where specific deadlines apply. For those exams that you cannot register in TUCaN please use the registration form!

Updated 03.02.2020, K.E. Roehl

Block courses in February to April 2020

Scheduled for students of the first year (1st semester):

Well construction (Prof. K.-D. Balke, Tübingen Univ.): Mon. 24.02. – Fri. 28.02.2020, starting Mon. 24.02. at 9:00 h, room B2|02 /12.

Industrial Excursion (Nils Michelsen): TBA, dates not set yet. Field trip for participants in the “Hydrogeology” module only!

Scheduled for the second year (3rd semester):

Carbonate Diagenesis with Applications to Reservoir Geology (Prof. Hans Machel): Mon. 17.02. – Fri. 21.02.2020, starting 13:00 h on Monday 17.02., room B2|01 /20.

Remote Sensing in Geosciences (Dr. Teresa Lamelas, Zaragoza University, Spain): Tue. 18.02. – Fri. 21.02.2020, starting 8:30 h each morning, room B2|01 /20.

Isoptope Hydrology and Dating (Dr. Paul Königer, BGR Hannover): Tue. 25.02. – Thu. 27.02.2020, starting Tue. 25.02. at 10:30 h, room B2|02 /30.

Water Governance and Integrated Water Management (Profs. Susana Neto and Jeff Camkin): Mon. 02.03. – Fri. 06.03.2020, starting Mon. 02.03. at 09:00 h, room B2|02 /12. More information see below! Also students from the first year may apply!

Tracer Techniques (Prof. Christoph Külls, TH Lübeck): Mon. 16.03. – Wed. 18.03.2020, starting 9:00 h each morning, room B2|02 /30.

Other courses still need to be confirmed. The schedule will be updated as soon as the dates are set. All these courses are now available in TUCaN. Please also register to the exams if you want to complete the respective modules. Where applicable, exam dates will be negotiated with the lecturers in the class.

28.11.2019, K.E. Roehl.

Water Governance and Integrated Water Management

An extra module and block course by international specialists Prof. Dr. Jeff Camkin (University of Western Australia) and Prof. Dr. Susana Neto (University of Lisbon, Portugal) on “Water Governance and Integrated Water Management” will be offered specifically to our TropHEE students. The course is highly recommended and will take place in the first week of March (2.-6. March 2020, 5 days, full-time). Information on the intentions and contents of the course can be downloaded here. Please note that participation is limited to 20 students. If more than 20 students apply for participation, selection of participants will be done by current performance based on grades, credits and number of semesters. Registration for this is now open in TUCaN (via "Additional Achievements), the module number is 11-02-3450. Successful participation gives 6 CP. Deadline for registration extended to 19. January!

Note: Please do register via TUCaN as soon as possible in order to allow us a timely planning of the course. Please register to both the module and the course. Registration to the module only will not be considered!

K.E. Roehl, 28.11.2019.

Carbonate Diagenesis with Applications to Reservoir Geology

Lecture by Prof. Dr. Hans Machel, Univ. of Alberta, Canada. This 5-day block course provides an overview and critical analysis of the systematic investigation of carbonate diagenesis with applications for Petroleum and Geothermal Reservoir Geology. The course will run for five full days (with ample breaks for coffee and lunch). It will combine a mix of lectures, exercises in thin section analysis, drill core analysis, and possibly a half-day field trip to a quarry. More info here.

17.-21.02.2019, room B2|01 /20. Participants should have a good working knowledge in sedimentology and sedimentary petrology, meaning a geology background is highly recommended for this course. Language of instruction will be both German and English. Successful completion of the course gives 3 credits (CP). TUCaN module no. 11-02-9204, TUCaN course no. 11-02-9203-vu (via “Additional Achievements”).

Remarks concerning exam registration

Dear students, please note that for all exams that you cannot register for in TUCaN you need to use a registration form that can be downloaded from here:

Print the form, fill in the name of the exam, including the TUCaN number of the respective module, sign it, and drop it in the letter box next to my office (B2|02, 1st floor, between rooms 120 and 122). Don't send any scans or faxes, they will not be considered. Also registrations via e-mail will not be considered. Registrations for exams that cannot be done online in the TUCaN system have to be done on paper!

K.E. Roehl, 10.01.2019